The Cat Litter With a Difference


Catsby Cat Litter is a natural product made of 100% natural pine wood which is biodegradable and compostable.  

Because cats have such a strong sense of smell, some are turned off by scented litter and may refuse to use the litter box.  Our cat litter does not contain any chemical odour masking agents and is virtually dust free.


Catsby Cat Litter is very low in maintenance.

No hassle - no fuss - easy to use.

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Odours can be a problem around any litter tray but Catsby Cat Litter controls smells naturally, the pellets have a very pleasant natural wood aroma.

Although you can use a traditional single cat litter tray with our cat litter, to get the best results we recommend using the very popular double tray system.


Cleaning the litter tray is almost a pleasure!

You and your cat will love it.


Why Use Catsby Cat Litter?

  • Fast acting absorption
  • Minimal tracking
  • Long lasting
  • Total odour control
  • Little to no airborne dust
  • Free of harmful chemicals
  • Made from natural timber
  • Cost effective
  • A 5kg bag/cat litter tray lasts for a month or longer
  • Made in Australia
Catsby Cat Litter Paw

We loved the kitty litter it lasted for a long time and it doesn't smell at all. We will be buying the product definitely. The cats had no problem using it and used it more then the crystals. I will be recommending to others as well.

Felicity Kelly

Snowy Paws Pet Services
I've been using the system for a few weeks now and I wanted you to know "Its the best cat litter and tray system I have ever used! " I have used many products as a cat owner for nearly 10 years, a Veterinary Nurse of over 7 years and the Owner of Snowy Paws Pet Services.
There is very little tracking. Cleaning the tray is Super easy!  I've used a fraction of the litter I usually use. My cat isn't fussy about using a tray that isn't cleaned daily when life gets in the way!  Best of all its environmentally friendly! Thanks again for sharing this with me and I will be passing this on to all my cat clients.

Nikki Anderson

Snowy Paws Pet Services

I recently discovered Catsby cat litter, which is made from soft pine, and virtually odour free when used in a sieve type tray. When the cat urinates in the tray the pellets absorb and break up into what appears to be sawdust and drops through the sieve and collects in the base, with no odour. You only need to remove the solid matter from the litter and empty the base to have a clean litter tray all the time. There seems to be minimal tracking and the pale colour of the litter does not stain the feet of pale coloured cats.  It seems that Catsby litter is on a winner, it certainly keeps our house odour free.

Bambi Joy Edwards ~ Bajimbi Cats
Catsby Cat Litter Paw

I live with eight completely indoor cats and so for many years, the litter I use is of great concern to me. I found several amazing features of Catsby Litter that really changed the way I went about cleaning my cats’ litter - the daily maintenance of the trays took me much less time - there was very little tracking of litter - my cats adapted to this litter easily. I can imagine that for the average cat owner with one or two cats this litter renders an important job almost too easy. Full testimonial HERE.

Pene Joy - working at Snowy Vets
Catsby Cat Litter Paw

Well, I must thank you for opening my eyes to another type of natural cat litter...I was using the leading brand but after trying your product and using a bag which lasted 4 weeks, I am in awe.

The odour control properties are wonderful and the cleanliness of the bottom litter tray is amazing. I found that the majority of the used product just dropped out of the tray, it was quite dry and there were no stains in the bottom tray, unlike the leading brand of wood pet litter.

Also, I didn't need to waste extra litter by putting any in the bottom tray, there was no need as the litter in the top tray broke down and dropped through. I actually forgot to empty the bottom tray one week, I couldn't smell it!  It was only that the used litter wasn't dropping through, I realised that the bottom tray was full.

Carolyn Spiteri

Cat Lover

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