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We loved the kitty litter it lasted for a long time and it doesn't smell at all. We will be buying the product definitely. The cats had no problem using it and used it more then the crystals. I will be recommending to others as well.

Felicity Kelly

I've been using the system for a few weeks now and I wanted you to know that "Its the best cat litter and tray system I have ever used!" ...and I have used many products as a cat owner and Vet Nurse for nearly 10 years.

Nikki Anderson
Snowy Paws Pet Services

When the cat urinates in the tray the pellets absorb and break up into what appears to be sawdust and drops through the sieve and collects in the base, with no odour. It seems Catsby litter is on a winner, it certainly keeps our house odour free.

Bambi Joy Edwards ~ Bajimbi Cats

I've found several amazing features of Catsby Cat Litter that really changed the way I went about cleaning my cats’ litter.  For a start the daily maintenance of the trays takes much less time, and there is very little tracking of litter.

Pene Joy - working at Snowy Vets

I was using the leading brand but after trying your product and using a bag which lasted 4 weeks, I am in awe.  The odour control properties are wonderful and the cleanliness of the bottom litter tray is amazing.  I actually forgot to empty the bottom tray one week, I couldn't smell it!

Carolyn Spiteri

Catsby Cat Litter Egyptian Cat 200
  • Odour Control

    It’s your home, not a toilet. Urine is totally absorbed and the natural oils in the pellets mask smells and inhibit bacteria from causing that offensive ammonia smell.

  • Tracking

    Unless you’ve got one crazy cat, pellets stay put in the tray. Wood pellets are heavier than other traditional cat litters so it won’t stick to their feet even when wet. 

  • Absorbency

    Pine pellets are highly absorbent and soak up to 4 times their weight in liquid almost instantly so nothing is left to cause a stink or make a mess.

  • All Natural

    Catsby Cat Litter is 100% natural pine with no additives or colours so it won’t stain your cat’s feet or fur and is dust free for your home and lungs! 

  • Environmentally friendly

    Made in Cooma NSW from locally sourced environmentally responsible Australian plantation pine offsets.  100% biodegradable and recyclable.

  • Cost Effective

    With the double tray system wet pellets are separated quickly and efficiently, leaving the fresh pellets on top, so the stay in the tray up to twice as long as other cat litters.