Personal Testimonial from a Cat Loving Veterinarian

I live with eight completely indoor cats and so for many years,the litter I use is of great concern to me. I want my cats to be healthy and a good litter is one of the major factors in maintaining health for cats, especially in a multi cat home.

I introduced one tray of Catsby litter to start with followed by a second one soon after, in addition to the trays and litter I was currently using. The cats took to the litter quickly and I began to monitor how they were using it and my cleaning routine.

What I found was several amazing features of Catsby Litter that really changed the way I went about cleaning my cats’ litter, which I will outline below. The daily maintenance of the trays took me much less time. I clean my cats’ trays twice daily but using the Catsby litter, this job takes a much shorter time. With the convenient scoop and shake method it only takes a moment to return the tray to a fresh toilet. The used material falls to the bottom, where the pine material absorbs the smell, leaving a dry compostable material below the main tray. This under tray only needed to be emptied every few days and the top freshened up with a fresh scoop of litter every day or two. This means that the product goes a long way. Only the pellets actually touched by the liquid fall to the bottom so the unused pellets remain fresh at the top.

There was very little tracking of litter outside of the tray area. Unlike many other litters that you will find all over the house, Catsby litter tracks very little, and was only found in the immediate area of the trays. My cats adapted to this litter easily and they seem happy using it.

The time it now takes to keep the trays at an excellent level of cleanliness is significantly reduced. There is only a fresh pine smell to my human nose and the cats’ behaviour indicates this is a desirable litter for them to use. I look forward to switching my entire tray system to Catsby litter and can imagine that for the average cat owner with one or two cats this litter renders an important job almost too easy.

A clean and easy to maintain tray means a healthy cat and a stress free clean up for us humans.

~Pene Joy working at Snowy Vets NSW